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Protocol Frequently Asked Questions - US Department of State
The salutation would be: Dear Mr. President. Q: How do you address the Secretary of State? A: When addressing an envelope to the Secretary of State, it would .

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proper salutation secretary of state

5 FAH-1 H-420 Letters - Preparing Letters - US Department of State
salutations. For the correct titles of U.S. or Foreign Government officials, see the U. S. Government Manual, Congressional Directory, U. S.. Department of State .

Government ministers

Addressing People of Title - Address and Salutation
Here is a guideline to the appropriate protocol of addressing people of title. . Address: The Honorable (First name and surname), Secretary of State Salutation: .

greeting for a female secretary of state for a state
I have to write a letter to a female Secretary of State for a state in the United States. What title should I use?

proper salutation secretary of state Prime Minister

How to Address a Secretary of a US Department
How to Address a Secretary of a United States Executive Department . Most formally it's not correct, and probably would not be done in the . In conversation or in a salutation you change over to what ever honorific they are entitled to .

How to Address US Federal, State, and Municipal Officials
He or she is the Acting Governor when the elected Governor is out of state or incapacitated. . He's not a "Secretary" ... and "Director" is not used as an honorific -- Commissioners . Can you tell me the correct salutation to use in an E-mail?

Robert Hickey's Blog on How to Address Former US Officials
May 6, 2012 . How to Address a Former Secretary of (Department)? How to Address a . Regarding Former Presidents of the United States of America . To whom should it be addressed? and what would be the proper salutation? I know .

Spoken and Written Forms of Address for U.S. Government Officials ...
This section provides the correct forms of address for U.S. .

What is the correct salutation for state department commissioner
What is the correct salutation for county commissioners? Please enquire of your County office. This salutation can vary from Mr[ or Ms ] to Supervisor or .

proper salutation secretary of state Cabinet

May 22, 2008 . PROPER ADDRESS, SALUTATION AND CLOSING FOR LETTERS . The Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20210, Dear Madame .

Advocats - The University of Arizona
Arizona State Senate (or House of Representatives) 1700 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85007; Use the Correct salutation: Dear Senator (or Representative) .

Proper Salutations for Government Officials | eHow.com
Addressing your letter correctly or using the proper salutation in conversation . The U.S. Department of State's rules of protocol are usually the most reliably .

Salutation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A salutation is a greeting used in a letter or other written communication, such as an . by "Mr." or "Madam," as in "Dear Mr. President," or "Dear Madam Secretary." . addressing a head of state, or a letter to the editor), but in the same way the . the gender of the person to whom one is writing, the appropriate salutation is .

How Cabinet works

6209.12_30.doc - USDA Forest Service
Identify all recipients of the letter and determine proper salutation. . issued by the White House, the Office of the Secretary, or other Federal and State agencies, .

Salutations for Government Officials
Oct 3, 2011 . It is very important to use the correct salutations for government officials as they . Cabinet members, Dear Mr. (or Madam) Secretary last name .

Cabinet committees

USGS Correspondence Handbook - Chapter 4
Address and Salutation. Selection of address and salutation .

What is the proper salutation on a letter to an assembly member
What is the proper salutation for a letter a king or queen? Letters are usually sent to a monarch via their private secretary and should be addressed:The .

Proper Salutation on Business Letters | eHow.com
Proper salutation format reflects the degree of knowledge possessed by the writer . It is wise to discover the name of the individual who heads the department to which the . Educators and government officials also require proper address: .

How to Address Elected Officials | eHow.com
The secretary of state is appointed by the president, and has the highest raking position in the cabinet. A secretary of state... Proper Salutations for Government .

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