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The Fixed Disk Parameter Table | OS/2 Museum
May 11, 2011 . However, for older operating systems, the FDPT was still critical. Typical FDPT users apart from the BIOS were operating systems such as OS/2, .

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os2 and old bios

BIOS | OS/2 Museum
Feb 2, 2012 . OS/2, vintage PC computing, and random musings . importance to some ( especially older) operating systems which do not use the BIOS.

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Icon - OS/2 Site
Nov 3, 2000 . can take advantage of the 'new' INT13 BIOS API to overcome the dreaded 1024 cylinder limit, and boot OS/2 beyond this old barrier. Ciao, Dani .

OS/2 Memory Problem
This Problem is so old like OS/2 Warp. Older BIOS versions have a Switch to set the RAM-accessing mode above 64 MB(OS/2 or Non OS/2) .

os2 and old bios Prime Minister

Triple boot system -- OS/2 Release Notes
Install Windows 7; Install eComStation to Volume C:(eComStation); Install . How to setup a Triple-boot System - When an old Bios will not allow Grub to install .

Cylinder 1024 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At boot time very old BIOS of many PCs could only access the first 1024 cylinders , . jonathan.deboynepollard/FGA/os2-disc-and-volume-size-limits.html.

How It Works -- CHS Translation
An old BIOS (like BIOS type 1 below) does no CHS translation and does not use . Note: OS/2 can place HPFS partitions and Linux can place Linux partitions .

The BIOS IDE Harddisk Limitations
This article targets at these PCs that have a system BIOS dated from 1992 to . 95 (all versions), Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 (with SP4), Linux, and OS/2 .

Tech ARP - Boot To OS2
BIOS Option Of The Week - Internal Graphics Mode Select . If you are using an older version of the IBM OS/2 operating system, you should select Yes. If you are .

Some fundamental OS/2 concepts
The original idea of the BIOS was that it would provide a standard, . It turns out that OS/2, or any similarly advanced operating system, .

os2 and old bios Cabinet

How to Run Multiple Operating Systems
Feb 3, 2011 . If you're refurbishing an old computer and frequently run live CDs, check . a boot manager that boots the computer from a device your BIOS supports, . OS/2 Warp , Syllable, SkyOS, ReactOS, and the rest of the Windows and .

Support ATA/IDE Checklist for Windows, DOS and OS/2
ATA/IDE Checklist for Windows, DOS and OS/2 . 80-conductor cable, or to the middle of the cable for systems using the older 40-conductor cable. . If no BIOS updates are available, you can purchase an ATA controller card that will allow you .

#1933 (VirtualBox doesn't detect my AMD virtualization) Oracle VM ...
My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H, Bios revision F6 (latest), . I already tried Ecomstation 1.1 and 2.0b, and some older versions, just in case - 1.0, .

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Running Multiple Operating Systems Dual Booting, Partitions ...
This page is an update to the information found in the OS/2 Resources . IT staff need to be able to work with older as well as new versions of Windows. . You might try changing the boot sequence in the BIOS to boot to a different drive or to .

Table of Contents
OS Select for DRAM>64MB : Non-OS2 F5 : Old Values (SHIFT) F2 : Color. HDD S.M.A.R.T. capability. : Disabled F6 : Load BIOS Defaults. Report No FDD For .

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How old is my BIOS? by the author of The BIOS Companion
The keyboard BIOS for AMI systems must be revision 'F'. If you want to check how old your BIOS is, the date is on the start-up screen, usually buried in the BIOS .

HTG Explains: Learn How UEFI Will Replace Your PC's BIOS - How ...
Mar 25, 2011 . While most people may be familiar with a PC's BIOS, they may not know what . They can use older extensions with the new system until newer ones . version of IBM's own PC-DOS (this was way before OS/2 or OS/2 Warp).

BIOS Setup | Hardware Secrets
Jul 2, 2004 . The Basic Input and Output System (BIOS) that is responsible for teaching the . a very common option and probably you'll find it only in the older makes. . Run OS/2>= 64 MB or OS Select for DRAM> 64 MB: If you use OS/2 .

index.eng - kannegieser.net!
Name DOS OS/2 Source Description 83 + - + Save/unarchive invalid . APMBIOS - + + Supply modified APM BIOS code to bypass BIOS code using F000 . for DOS IHPFSIOM + - + access to HPFS IOMEGA-ZIP-100 with IHPFS (old) IMG + + + .

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