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Logical tags: This is a <strong>strongly emphasized</strong> tag. This is a . Should you want it, there is a strike-through tag which displays text with a strike.

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interpret strong and strike

Graham Brew Ph.D. Thesis
Hence we interpret strong along-strike structural variations in the Palmyrides. Fault-propagation folding above reverse faults, occasionally above a locally well .

Government ministers

<b> vs. <strong> - <i> vs. <em> - Webmaster World
Mainly, the use of italics, bold, emphasis and strong emphasis. . How do you interpret the use of these elements? . It strikes me that an element can ( arguably) have a role as emphasized information or strongly emphasized .

* Lightning - (Dreams): Definition
Dream Interpretation/empty baby crib, lightning, and desert PLEASE HELP . lightning strong feelings; flashes of anger and frustration; sudden insight; when you hear the thunder . If the lightning strikes some object near you, and you feel the.

interpret strong and strike Prime Minister

Dreaming about a Snake Attack - Dream Interpretation & Symbols
The dream may be an expression of a strong discomfort, worry or even fear as you are . life is perceived as a threat and find ways to deal with it before it strikes .

Hobbes' Politics
. might often feel that the only rational course would be to launch a pre-emptive strike. . traditional Christian morality - the battle would go to the strong and deceitful. . Hobbes also interpreted the Bible in ways very different from those of .

. able to read and interpret the discussions quicker over time.

Striking an Imbalance: The Interpretation of Section 21D(b)(2) of the ...
. courts have struggled to interpret the new "strong inference" standard for pleading . Striking an Imbalance: The Interpretation of Section 21D(b)(2) of the .

Teenagers Lyrics Meaning - My Chemical ... - Lyric Interpretations
It seems to me that this song is a combination of the previous interpretations: Yes, . your cloths and strike a violent pose mabe theyl leave you alone but not me. . Emos have a strong arts graduate bias and are among the few that read .

interpret strong and strike Cabinet

Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution
and many fans know that umpires over time have interpreted the strike zone . to democratic decision-making itself may call for a strong judicial role in cir- .

remaining photons pass through the molecule and strike a detector. . can be interpreted to determine the functional group composition of the compound. . Based on this spectrum, we have strong evidence that the compound is a simple .

Segmentation of the eastern North Greenland oblique-shear margin ...
In particular, we interpret strong margin segmentation along N/NE-striking fault structures. The structures are likely to have formed by Late Mesozoic-early .

How Cabinet works

Seismological Analysis of a Lightning Strike
An alternative interpretation of the distinct arrivals in the seismograms of the strong-motion station BA09 are the multiple return strikes, which re-occupy the .

Parliament and the courts: where lies sovereignty
So they developed presumptions of statutory interpretation which were designed . Can the courts go further and exercise a common law power to strike down . both within and without the court room, claiming that in a suitably strong case, the .

Cabinet committees

Laban Movement Analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Laban is a way and language for interpreting, describing, visualizing and . Thus there is a difference between "strong weight effort" and "Strong Weight Effort".

Woodrow Wilson - Conservapedia
Jan 25, 2012. wages of railroad workers when they threatened a nationwide strike in 1916. . Wilson believed in a strong, active role for the central government and . While he interpreted international law within such a brittle, moral cast, .

Strategic Bargaining Models and Interpretation of Strike Data
lower wage and a shorter strike. In other words, interpretation of the empirical relationship between wages and strike duration depends on strong assumptions .

Emotional Competency - Distortions
Our minds are wired to select and interpret evidence supporting the hypothesis "I' m OK" . is the strong human tendency to dismiss or distort evidence contrary to our beliefs . Strike a realistic balance between optimistic and pessimistic views.

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