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snopes.com: Dr. Robert Atkins' Death
Sep 11, 2011 . Did Dr. Robert Atkins, proponent of the low-carbohydrate diet, die of a . to USA Today by the diet guru's widow, Atkins weighed 195 pounds .

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Diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins dead at 72 - CNN
Apr 17, 2003 . Diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins dead at 72 . He is credited with revolutionizing the diet world with his theory that you can lose weight by eating fat, .

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Diet Guru Atkins Dead At 72 - CBS News
Feb 11, 2009 . Diet Guru Atkins Dead At 72 . Atkins first advocated his unorthodox weight-loss plan which emphasizes meat, eggs and cheese and .

Robert Atkins (nutritionist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although the success of Atkins' diet plan, weightloss books, and lifestyle . In 1963, at a weight of 224 pounds (100 kg), he decided to go on a restrictive . " Robert Atkins: Diet guru who grew fat on the proceeds of the carbohydrate revolution".

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Dukan Diet Guru Faces Ethics Hearing - ABC News
Mar 27, 2012 . Dr. Pierre Dukan, whose Atkins-like diet has been credited for the famous figures of Kate . Next Coffee Bean Extract Linked to Weight Loss .

Atkins Diet For Smarties | Diet Guru
Dec 28, 2010 . Diet Guru The Facts, Fiction, Myths, Secrets, Truth and Lies about Diets . By following the Atkins diet you will control your weight, achieve .

Low-Carb Dieting for Beginners | Diet Guru
Jan 12, 2011 . Do you want to eat healty and lose weight, without cravings and hunger? . You probably have heard about the Atkins Diet maybe even read .

Modified Atkin's Diet Lowers Weight and Cholesterol | HealthGuru
The Atkins diet, sometimes called the "Atkins Nutritional" approach, is a low-carb (high fat and high protein) diet created by Dr. Robert Atkins during the 1970's.

Pritikin vs. Atkins
The report indicated that Atkins weighed 258 pounds at his death, making the diet-guru clinically obese, and that he had a history of heart disease, congestive .

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Diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins' widow stands to have her fortune ...
Feb 17, 2011 . Weight loss guru Robert Atkins, proponent of a high-protein, . Diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins' widow stands to have her fortune slimmed down .

BBC NEWS | Health | Diet guru Atkins dies
Apr 17, 2003 . Controversial US diet guru Dr Robert Atkins has died, aged 72, a week . Dr Atkins first advocated his unorthodox weight-loss plan in his 1972 .

Atkins diet guru weighed 18 stone - Telegraph
Atkins diet guru weighed 18 stone. By Sean O'Neill. 12:01AM GMT 11 Feb 2004. Dr Robert Atkins, the inventor of the high-protein diet, weighed 18st 6lb and .

USATODAY.com - Weight-loss doctor dies at 72 from head injuries
Apr 17, 2003 . Cardiologist Robert Atkins, the weight-loss guru who put steak back on the nation's . (Related story: Diet guru's death probably won't hurt firm) .

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Bestselling author Mike Fumento writes: "Big Fat Fake."
Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, with 11 million copies already in print, shot up from No. . officials and health reporters, joined by opportunistic anti-fat diet book gurus, . "Subjects on some form of the Atkins diet ... lost twice the weight as the .

Obituary: Robert Atkins | News | The Guardian
Apr 19, 2003 . The Atkins diet had many celebrity followers. Geri Halliwell and Julia Roberts lost weight, and kept it off, as did Victoria Beckham, Davina .

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Atkins Facts - Long-Term Weight Loss Secrets
Up to approximately 95% of repeat dieters fail, regaining the weight that they initially . special foods or supplements, or following the regimen of some diet guru.

Diet advice that works - DietGuru
Diet Guru. The Facts, Fiction, Myths, Secrets, Truth and Lies about Diets . Sometimes we don't notice that we gained weight, or we might ignore the 5 January 21, 2011 . Atkins diet is one of the most talked about diets of the last century. We .

Dr Robert Atkins' arteries and weight when he died ... - Healthier Talk
Sep 21, 2011 . He asks in his email if Dr Robert Atkins (low-carb diet guru) had had his . no interest at all in what weight Dr Robert Atkins was when he died.

Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese
Atkins' weight was due to bloating associated with his condition, and he . The diet guru's widow, Veronica Atkins, was outraged that the report .

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